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Susan Reader Announces Her Kickstarter Crowdfunding Storybook Engaging Young Readers with Innocence, Magic and Adventure

Susan Reader Announces Her Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Set to Engage Young Readers with Innocence, Magic and Adventure

The first original Ivy & Innocence building released in 2015 hand-painted by Susan Reader - a Rare, Exclusive Piece not found anywhere else.

Past and Present Supports of Ivy & Innocence Cottages and Storybooks by Susan Reader

A portion of each storybook pledge will be donated to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital to help the needs of their young patients.

You are so talented and I am so glad that such a great touch of gentleness will be available to folks again that so appreciate the beauty of that special innocence that is a part of your work.
— Patti @ Fern Hill, South Amana, IA.
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, USA, November 14, 2015 / -- Susan Reader, the renowned artist of Ivy & Innocence, announces her Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign to publish the first illustrated Ivy & Innocence storybook.

A portion of event proceeds will be donated to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital to help the needs of their young patients. Today, UI Children’s Hospital is a nationally recognized pediatric center of excellence, providing comprehensive health-care services for children of all ages. (

Ivy’s Return Storybook is not an ordinary book. Its amazing stories reveal the secret of how to develop a positive outlook on life. It envelops you in a completely unique experience going far beyond the standard storybook format to bring you something innovative and fresh. When captivating stories are truly committed to making a difference, consumers get quality product that creates meaningful and innovative experiences.

The four chapter, graphic storybook is filled with quality illustrations and artwork by the artist and creator of Ivy & Innocence, Susan Reader. Ivy & Innocence is a vintage village of miniature cottages where vines and flowers thrive. A whimsical place where the inhabitants are helpful and kind, a quiet hamlet of folks brought to life through the enriching storybooks.

In the storybook, readers are introduced to a community of whimsical folk with a traditional lifestyle that weave creative solutions to defeat various conflicts and challenges. These new adventures teach valuable life lessons, encouraging adults and children alike, to come together and become better versions of themselves. Written to stimulate an optimistic perspective on life, this storybook is highly recommended for those who cherish uplifting stories.

Scientific research shows positive children have an advantage throughout their formative years. Optimistic children become productive adults, receptive people that invent, explore and achieve a meaningful life. Youngsters with this mindset learn to face challenges and find ways to overcome them, striving to make our world a better place.

As children expand their education with facts and figures in the classrooms, we also need to teach them to have a constructive outlook on life. This important life attribute is currently being studied by experts documenting the irrefutable impact it has on people and those around them. Studies show what is put in front of our children in their formative years will influence their personality in the years to come.

The television, the internet, movies and games all impact our children. This stimulus, good or bad, persuades their character into developing a mirror-like attitude. Children do not need another video game, rather, they need books that suggest the right ideals. Stories that motivate them to make the right choices in life. Tales that inspire them to do great deeds.

Ivy's return storybook nurtures these principles that encourage an optimistic view toward life, cultivating self-esteem, resilience and skills to respond to life challenges in a positive manner. Fostering a positive outlook, especially in our young, is priceless.

The Ivy & Innocence special Kickstarter Storybook encourages us to find the hidden joy in our amazing lives.

About Kickstarter:
Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform that helps fund creative projects through donations from online supporters. Companies offer rewards for contributions. The Return to Ivy incentives include frame ready illustrations, bookplate, soft throw blanket, signed storybook, original artwork and a custom drawing of your child or loved one inside your storybook, your character will be added to the story line and, once the village expands, will be introduced as a new figurine.

Projects that reach their Kickstarter fundraising goal will receive all the money pledged. If the goal is not met, no dollars are collected. Since launching in 2009, 4.9 million have pledged $820 million to fund 49,000 creative projects.

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Susan Reader is from Cedar Rapids, IA. With the kickstarter Event, she is realigning her path to her life passion. A successful event will allow her to continue developing a special place in time called Ivy & Innocence to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Through her recognizable artwork and uplifting stories, she wishes to educate and inspire others to find the joy in their ordinary lives. When adults are encouraged to return the activities that spark their passion, we inspire others to follow their dreams and achieve remarkable things.

Susan Reader
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